The High Density Polyethylene Sheets are used in the Textiles, Orthopaedic, Automotive, Luggage and Lining Industry, in the Foods industry, Packing, in the Building, Mechanical carpentry, Recreation and Automation Industry due to their limited friction, better flexibility, high impact and scraping resistance over and above it is thermoformable into a variety of shapes.

Polyethylene has a low specific weight; a remarkable resistance to high temperatures and as a basic characteristic is quite atoxic. It also has good chemical resistance properties combined with better moisture resistance.

The High Density Polyethylene Sheets can be easily worked with using the same tools - already existing in the wood and metal industry - but equipped with special milling cutters.

It is important to point out some peculiarities of the High Density Polyethylene Sheets, making their employment particularly interesting:

  • Flexible, hence retains original shape under impact.
  • Can withstand low temperatures.
  • Low permeability to water.
  • Non toxic, therefore suitable for application in foods industry.
  • Resistant to chemicals like dilute acids, alkalies, oils and petrol.
  • Insoluble to organic solvents below 60° C.
  • Suitable for thermoforming and welding.
  • U.V. Resistance in the special version with carbon black.

These peculiarities make this material suitable for application in various Industries as under:

  1. Textile Industry (spinning cans)
  2. Packing (partition in crates)
  3. Luggage (corners and lining of soft luggage)
  4. Foods Industry (cutting boards, lining of aseptic rooms)
  5. Fishing Industry (lining of on-board cold rooms of fishing vessels, lining of cold storage)
  6. Civil Building (construction of special items like sewage wells, fittings, lining of tanks for drinkable water)
  7. Chemical / Hazardous Waste Management (lining of basins/pits for the collection of active mud/sludge)
  8. Automotive Industry (seat support)
  9. Recreation (children's playground equipment)
  10. Education (black-boards)

"JASUD" HDPE Sheets are available in the following sizes, colours and textures.

Width : 1000 mm (standard)
Length: 2000 mm (standard). Odd length also offered against specific request.
Thickness: 0.5 mm to 20 mm.
Colours: Natural, Black, Milky white (standard)
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & Orange (against specific request)

Customized colour shades from an array of colours are also offered against specific request.


Plain on both sides (standard)
Embossed Design on one side (Orange Peel design) - offered against specific quantities and on request.