Polypropylene Glass Fabric Reinforced Sheets are, Polypropylene Sheets duly laminated on-line with a non-woven or stretch fabric which has glass filler content, to retain all the general characteristics of Polypropylene sheets and to enable excellent bond and shear strength for the manufacture of Chemical vessels, Tanks, Containers, etc.

Generally, polyester resin, glass fibre or glass matting reinforced coat is applied for bonding with metal for a super-reinforced structure. The best advantage is, it allows the user to have the maximum benefit of high chemical and corrosion resistance properties along with improved mechanical properties of Polypropylene when large large-weight structures needs to be designed and erected, which is not possible using the conventional unsupported thermoplastics.

It is important to point out some peculiarities of Polypropylene Glass-Lined Sheets, making their employment particularly interesting:

  • PP Sheet duly laminated on-line with a woven polypropylene fiberglass fabric.
  • Retains all the general characteristics of PP sheets.
  • Enables excellent bond shear strength and peel strength.
  • High Chemical corrosion and resistance properties.
  • Large light-weight structures can be designed and erected.

The combination functions more than adequately for applications in the following industries:

  1. Chemical Industry (construction / fabrication of large size storage tanks, process vessels, blowers, scrubbing towers, ducting and large diameter piping structures, wherever metal or cement have been used in the past but are liable to corrosion and hazards of crack formation and weathering)
  2. Mining Industry
  3. Sugar Industry (fermentation vessels)
  4. Steel Industry (pickling tanks)
  5. Water, Food and Waste Treatment Industry (process equipments, cooling towers, silos, stripping columns)

"JASUD" Polypropylene Glass Fabric Reinforced (PPGL) Sheet Rolls are available in the following sizes & colour

Width : 1350 mm (standard) - wider width enables to cover easily a large area with lesser welding joints.
Length: 10000 mm (standard). Odd length also offered against specific request.
Thickness: 2 mm, 2.75 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm & 5 mm.
Colours: Grey (standard)