"JASUD" manufactures Thermoformable Sheets in natural as well as a special black colour version, which can be thermoformed into a variety of shapes and articles like industrial material handling pallets, packaging separators, packaging trays, etc. These Sheets are specially manufactured under stringent conditions to enable easy formability of the sheets. The sheets are supplied in both side smooth texture.

"JASUD" has especially developed “JASUD” Formable - 'H' Sheets and “JASUD” Formable - 'P’ Sheets for Thermoforming Applications wherein Formable - 'H' Sheets have PE as a base polymer whereas Formable - 'P' Sheets have PP as a base polymer.

"JASUD" Thermo Formable Sheets are especially blended sheets having enhanced properties like:

  • Good stiffness.
  • Good melt strength.
  • Good setting time.
  • Good Impact resistance.
  • Minimum shrinkage.
  • Better Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR).

These sheets are used in large quantities by Thermoformers engaged in large-scale Industrial Thermoforming wherein the major applications are making industrial material handling pallets, packaging separators and packaging trays from these sheets.

The industrial material handling pallets are formed by thermoforming the sheets into the required shape and size which are used for carrying loads at large ware houses, ports, etc.

The packaging separators and packaging trays are produced by thermoforming the sheets especially for safe transportation of industrial items. Industrial items like automobile alloy wheels; cast iron items, electrical motors, etc. are packed into the thermoformed separator/fabricated shape or slot to enable safe transportation from the manufacturer's end to the customer’s end. The packaging trays are mainly used by the automobile manufacturers for transportation of small as well as large size components.

The industrial material handling pallets, packaging separators and packaging trays are being widely favoured over traditional material like WOOD or FIBRE owing to their advantages like:


"JASUD" Thermoformable Sheets are available in the following specifications:

Width : 1000 mm (standard)
Length: 2000 mm (standard). Odd length also offered against specific request.

1 mm to 12 mm- For Formable - 'H' Sheets                                
1 mm to 12 mm- For Formable - 'P' Sheets.

Colours: Natural, Black (standard)


Plain on both sides (standard)