Orthoflex (Premium) grade of sheets

(Jasud supplies plastic sheets that are used to make the following items. The images give a clarification which sheet to order for your Orthotics & Prosthetics products.)


  • They are mainly used for making flexible inner Sockets for Upper and Lower Limbs, Supra Medular Orthoses, Spinal braces, Splints, Cervical Collars etc.


  • This range of sheets are extruded from special grades of Polyethylene.
  • They are very flexible, soft and smooth. They have a very low co efficient of friction which increases the comfort level of the wearer.
  • They have a decent melt strength which means that they can be suction moulded.
  • They are used for Non weight bearing applications.
  • Prolonged exposure to human oil, sweat etc can cause discolouration of the product made from it.

Supply Programme

  • We can supply in 1000mm x 2000mm size in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 10mm.
  • The standard colour is Natural
  • Specific Sizes and colour can be supplied on Custom basis.

Temperature Range

  • Recommended heating time in Oven is 2 to 3 minutes per mm thickness of sheet at an oven temperature between 150 to 170 degrees Celsius. This shall vary based on Oven construction.